Akashic Records: Exploring the Manga After the Anime

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Akashic Records: Exploring the Manga After the Anime

After captivating audiences with its anime adaptation, Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor is a popular manga series that delves deeper into the fantastical world of magic and adventure. In this blog post, we will dive into the story, characters, and artwork that make this manga a must-read for fans of the anime. So, grab your spellbook and join us as we explore the Akashic Records manga after the anime!

Introduction to Akashic Records

For those unfamiliar with Akashic Records, it is a light novel series written by Tarō Hitsuji and illustrated by Kō Narita. The story follows Glenn Radars, a struggling substitute teacher at the prestigious Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. Despite his lackadaisical attitude and unconventional teaching methods, Glenn possesses extraordinary magical abilities that attract the attention of his students.

The anime adaptation, released in 2017, garnered a significant fanbase with its unique blend of magic, action, and comedy. Fans eagerly embraced the dynamic characters, humor, and intricate plot that unfolded in each episode. However, the anime only covered a portion of the original light novel series, leaving fans hungry for more.

Continuing the Story in Manga

Luckily, for fans wanting to continue the adventure after the anime, the Akashic Records manga series provides the perfect solution. Illustrated by Aosa Tsunemi, the manga faithfully adapts the light novel source material, allowing fans to delve deeper into the world and characters they fell in love with.

In the manga, we witness Glenn Radars’ journey as he navigates the challenges of teaching and protects his students from various threats. The manga expands on the anime’s storyline, offering additional character development, plot twists, and thrilling battles. It provides a refreshing experience for fans who crave new insights and surprises.

Character Development

One of the most captivating aspects of the Akashic Records manga is the in-depth character development. Each character possesses unique traits and motivations that are explored more thoroughly in the manga. For instance, we learn more about the pasts of key characters like Glenn Radars, Rumia Tingel, and Sistine Fibel. The manga provides a richer understanding of their backstories, allowing readers to connect with and empathize with the characters on a deeper level.

The complexities and growth of relationships are also explored in greater detail. The evolving dynamics between the students and their instructor, Glenn, are beautifully depicted, revealing deeper emotions and connections. The manga allows readers to witness the characters’ progression, making the story even more engaging and emotionally resonant.

Plot Twists and Extra Adventures

In addition to enhanced character development, the Akashic Records manga introduces intriguing plot twists not covered in the anime. These unexpected turns keep readers on the edge of their seats and make the story even more captivating.

The manga also includes extra adventure arcs, expanding the lore and world-building of the Akashic Records universe. Readers are treated to thrilling explorations of new settings and encounters with powerful adversaries. Whether it’s uncovering ancient magical artifacts or engaging in intense battles, the manga offers an abundance of exciting escapades that will leave fans craving for more.

Art and Visuals

The transition from anime to manga brings a change in visual style, but fans need not worry—the Akashic Records manga’s artwork is impeccable. Aosa Tsunemi’s illustrations capture the essence of the characters and their magical abilities, ensuring an immersive experience for readers. The action sequences and spellcasting are beautifully portrayed, giving readers a vivid sense of the intense magic battles these characters engage in.

The scenic backgrounds and detailed character designs further enhance the visual appeal of the manga. Whether it’s the magical academy or the mystical ruins, each setting is brought to life with meticulous attention to detail. The artwork elevates the storytelling and immerses readers in the enchanting world of Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records manga proves to be a captivating continuation of the anime’s story, offering fans a deeper dive into the world of magic and adventure. With its enhanced character development, intriguing plot twists, and stunning artwork, it is a must-read for both longtime anime fans and newcomers to the Akashic Records universe.

So, if you’re ready to rediscover the excitement, laughter, and mysteries of Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, grab a copy of the manga and embark on a journey that will leave you spellbound!

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Akashic Records: Exploring the Manga After the Anime